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AromaTouch Technique 

Adult - 45 min - $60

Child - 45 min - $50

AromaTouch Technique was designed by Dr David Hill, a leading integrative doctor who specialises in therapeutic application of essential oils. 

Aroma Touch is a clinical approach to applying essential oils to the body. It can support your wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors. 

Eight specific oils and blends are applied with the goal of promoting relaxation, reducing stress, supporting the immune system, decreasing pain, reducing inflammation and elevating mood. 

The oils are all CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, all thoroughly tested by independent organisations for purity and efficacy. Each bottle of oil can be traced, from the farmer to the consumer, enabling one to ensure its' optimal quality, purity, free from contaminants. We use these oils in our practice because we believe they are the best. 

Luuk Schats, our main massage therapist, has healing hands that will leave you feeling relaxed and stress free.