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Hinterland Energetics is also home to  Nature's Nourishment which is our online store.  

​Empowering herself with knowledge to heal my mind, body, spirit and heal the family, was what led Nicole to healing with energetics, lifestyle change and the birth of Hinterland Energetics and Nature's Nourishment. She wanted to find solutions for the cause of our illnesses rather than just treat the symptoms of the underlying dis-ease. Her main challenge in this process of change, was about finding alternatives to what she already used. They were using plastics, bought food sprayed with chemicals and then wrapped food in more chemical laden products.

They used technology as though it had no negative impacts on our bodies. They drank chemically treated water, used non-stick aluminium and Teflon frypans, which made life easier, but so detrimental to their health. Finding eco-friendly, sustainable substitutes was not easy, it was time consuming and costly. This process took Nicole over 4 years which led her to sourcing products, for her clients, to make the transition easier, quicker and more stress free.

Our waiting room contains everything that is also available online - so while you are at the clinic make sure you take a look.  You are welcome to purchase anything you like while you are there.  Alternatively check out the shop now by clicking the link below.