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Welcome to Hinterland Energetics

Thanks to the modern day lifestyle, our bodies are often overwhelmed and out of balance. The foods we eat, the stress we experience and the toxins we are exposed to can put enormous strain on the body. How can we bring the body back into balance again?

Hinterland Energetics is a holistic, complementary, healing practice that aims to enhance wellbeing and assist the body return to homeostasis by finding its' natural balance. Hinterland Energetics uses Bioenergetics, Spinal Flow Technique and Access Bar, which are based on the principles of biophysics. This branch of science suggests that illness may be the result of a disruption in communications within the body.  At Hinterland Energetics our aim is to assist the body restore healthy communication signals encouraging the body’s natural healing processes.

Many healing modalities are offered at Hinterland Energetics.

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Meet Nicole Wellington

Bioresonance Practitioner, Bioresonance Certificate, Spinal Flow Practitioner, Spinal Flow Certificate, Access Bars Practitioner, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse, Cert IV TAE

After Nicole’s family went through health challenges such as food hypersensitivities, parasites and viruses, she succumbed to chronic fatigue. Through empowering herself with the knowledge she needed to heal herself and her family, she discovered Bioenergetics. 


Before she uncovered her passion for holistic health, Nicole studied a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Sociology and a Bachelor of Nursing. She specialised in cardio-thoracic, transplant, vascular, gastro-intestinal, gerontology and education.  She was nominated for a Nurse of the Year Award for advances in pain management in Aged Care.


Nicole has worked across the globe including The Netherlands, Spain and Saudi Arabia.  

As well as becoming multi-lingual, this has given her the opportunity to learn about the different health care systems and healing modalities used throughout the world. 

Nicole empowers her clients to understand their health, supporting each individual on their journey towards optimal well-being.


Nicole lives in the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with her husband and three children. Her clinic overlooks the breathtaking views of Mt Eerwah, amongst the natural energetic environment of the Noosa Shire.

Learn more about Nicole's healing journey here.



Bioenergetics Consultation

Initial Consultation

Adult - 2 hrs - $200

Child - 1-2 hrs - $90 - $180

Subsequent Consultations

Adult - 1 hr - $100

Child - 30min - 1 hr - $55 - $90

IONIC Foot Bath

30 min - $40

With Consultation - 30min - $30 

Spinal Flow Technique

Initial Consultation

60 min - $100

Follow Up Sessions

60 min - $100

30 min - $50

Group - 30 min - $40 ea

(Group is 2 in the room)

12 sessions - $550

12 sessions Group - $440

AromaTouch Technique

Adult - 45 min - $60

Infrared Sauna

Private - 30 min - $30

5 sessions - $120

Group - 30 min - $25 ea

5 Sessions - $200

Relaxation Massage

Adult - 90 min - $110

Adult - 60 min - $80

Contact Information

0403 136 870

The Clinic

101 Top Forestry Road

Ridgewood, QLD



Opening Hours

Mon     9am - 5pm

Tues      9am - 5pm

Thurs     9am - 5pm

Fri         9am - 5pm