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About Bioenergetics

Thanks to the modern day lifestyle, our bodies are often overwhelmed and out of balance. The foods we eat, the stress we experience and the toxins we are exposed to can put enormous strain on the body. Bioenergetics helps the body return to homeostasis by finding its' natural balance.  It is based on the principles of biophysics, a branch of science that suggests illness may be the result a disruption of communications within the body. Bioenergetics aims to assist the body restore healthy communication signals encouraging the body's natural healing processes. 

If you’re unsure if Bioenergetics is the right fit for your health concerns, please contact Nicole directly with your queries.  



Each Bioenergetics session addresses the need for frequency drops / chip to maintain the energetics between sessions. 

Distance Sessions?

Don't let the challenges of Distance and Lockdowns stop you moving forward with your health. You can access this amazing healing technology "Right Now" from anywhere in the world! 

What Happens in a Distance / Remote Bioenergetics Session?

Nicole will connect with your energetic field using a photo, hair or blood samples. The universe is full of extremely powerful healing energy. At Hinterland Energetics Nicole practises this alternative healing approach. She works at the physical, mental and emotional levels to ensure the well-being of the whole individual. A Bioenergetics session aims to harmonise imbalances, provide feedback, and give clarity and focus to find one’s way forward.

Contact Nicole below to find out more, and set up your free phone consultation. 

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Initial Consultation

$200 (Allow 2 hours)

Subsequent Consultations
$100 per hour 

Frequency Drops - $10 per bottle extra / Frequency Chips - $20 Each extra (Plus Postage)


The 'Bioresonance Explained' book written by Marcia Pitman and Louise Porter of LifeWorks Health Clinic in Brisbane is available to purchase at Hinterland Energetics Clinic for $25