My Story

As a child, I was fairly healthy. I played sports, loved my music and loved interacting with family and friends. However, I did experience chronic asthma, which required frequent pharmaceutical interventions. I also struggled with acne in my teen years, which was challenging for my mental health. 


Being a singer, my teacher suggested I go off wheat and dairy for the year of my final exams. This was to reduce the nasal quality of my voice and the breathlessness caused by my asthma. In hindsight, this should have been a turning point. Despite the benefits my body experienced without those foods, I returned to my normal diet after exams.


After a serious bicycle accident in my early 20's I started seeking frequent assistance, from western medicine and holistic practitioners, to help manage my chronic pain and inflammation.  I had unknowingly accepted my fate and become the victim of my circumstances. I didn't realise I needed to embrace the power of my innate being to truly heal myself.  


Over the years many more health conditions surfaced. Eventually, all of my family became ill with food hypersensitivities, psychological issues, parasites, radiation sensitivities, heavy metals and viruses. Finally, my own bucket of stressors overflowed and I succumbed to chronic fatigue. 


The insurmountable stress that I felt as a mother, whose family was suffering from body disharmony, was my breaking point. It is said, that when this occurs, one finds an inner strength to overcome adversity. That is exactly what happened.

Empowering myself with knowledge to heal my mind, body, spirit and heal the family, was what led me to Bioenergetics and Spinal Flow. I needed to find solutions for the cause of my illness, rather than just treating the symptoms of the underlying dis-ease. 


Firstly, I released my victim mentality of  'this is how my life was going to be'. Instead, I took control of where I was heading. I wanted to discover the cause for my problems so as to become my best self. To love yourself is the beginning of all healing because you become worth it.


The combination of Bioenergetics, Spinal Flow, self-empowerment and love has led me to where I am today. Though my journey continues, I now have unrelenting, infinite passion – to empower clients to seek knowledge so they can understand their health.


I would love to be able to support you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.