IONIC Detox Foot Bath

  • 30 minutes
  • 40 Australian dollars
  • Top Forestry Road

Service Description

For various reasons, not least our diets, our bodies tend to store waste products that have a negative effect on our energy and well-being. The ION Cleanse is a simple and effective way of helping the body rid itself of harmful toxins. * How long is a session? * A session is 30 minutes. No more than twice weekly is recommended to begin, then once weekly thereafter. * Who can use it? * Adults and children over 3 years of age can use this system. Sessions for children are 15 minutes only. * What happens during a treatment? * Fluid is essential for our cells to function properly. Two thirds of our body is water. The fluid in and around our cells contain salts that conduct electricity. Our cells rely on these electrical currents and chemical reactions, to enable efficient communication with each other. With the right amount of positive and negative charge the body can function properly. With an imbalance of positive and negative charges the cell cannot absorb nutrients or detoxify which may lead to disease. * How does it work? * Feet are placed in a foot basin with warm water and a saline solution. An array, connected to a power unit, emits a low voltage resonant electrical current into the water. This becomes an extension of the body's own saline fluids, allowing transfer of ions. As the ions circulate throughout the body cells are stimulated, energy blockages cleared and toxins released. Harmony is restored to the body's cells and organs. With current day lifestyles, stress, poor diet and toxin exposures our bodies become easily overloaded and out of balance. The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a great treatment to maintain balance and harmony within the body.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to refund the Consultation fee where at least 6 hours notice of cancellation has been given prior to Consultation bookings. Where less than 6 hours notice has been given, the consultation fee may be transferred to another consultation booking.

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