Ener-Soles Ionic Shoe Insoles have undergone our unique ionic Infusion process (Patent Pending), which may increase your overall energy levels by neutralizing the electromagnetic stress within the body.


The Ener-Soles feed a negative charge to the reflexology points and areas on the feet that correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems which may, in turn, balance meridian energy levels and give you the sensation of feeling more “grounded”.


The Ener-Soles may assist with reducing foot pain and increase energy levels.  Beneficial to people who spend a lot of time throughout the day on their feet at work, during all sporting activities such as tennis, hiking and athletics and when traveling.


Ener-Soles may also provide suitable EMF protection for the whole body. A popular alternative to the Orgone Pendants and the Ener-Band for school children who attend schools where wearing jewellery is banned.


From our own experience at trade shows and exhibitions, we have found the Ener-Soles to be a virtual lifesaver as we are constantly standing and talking to customers for up to 12 hours a day. We have found that our energy levels at the end of the day are greatly improved, giving us the ability to stay on our feet with much less fatigue, stress, and foot pain.


The Ener-Soles are suitable for all foot sizes as they are made from easy to cut, highly resilient and lightweight foam, with an odour and perspiration absorbent top layer that allows the feet to breathe.


What is the different between the Ener-Soles and the Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendant?

No difference.


Will the shoe insoles be sufficient for workplace use, or should I purchase the Geoclense Harmonizer for myself (working in an office environment / visiting clients in their homes), and my husband who works in a school environment and is therefore moving around the school grounds throughout the day?

Yes, however the Stellar Dome, which is portable, would be the ideal protection for you in buildings.


Can I wear socks in my shoes or must the insoles come in direct contact with my bare feet?

Yes, you can wear socks with the Ener-Soles.



How thin are the Ener-Soles are as I require prescription orthotics?

4mm thick.


How do I explain how the Ener-Soles work?

The Ener Soles are energized in our process which gives them a negative charge. Our reflexology points are connected to our meridian system.  The Ener-Soles negative charge stimulates the reflexology pints on the soles of the feet, helping to balance meridian energy.


Ener Soles